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Tight Situation in Uganda

To share a bit of the reality at the two orphanage / farm / church communities we support in Uganda, here is an update from each of them, received today 4/28/2023. NOT edited for content; you are seeing what I see every day.

Dad for your information the 3 acres I may call it the old type or variety called alight and it takes 3but with the 3 to 5 year to begin flowering but the 5 acres is anew variety called cutting it takes 6to8 months to begin flowering
That is why if you note well the last photo is that of the new variety at the project and I planted it in Late November and we are in April approximately 4 months but see how it looks like…
That is our 5 acres but now I’m on intercroping as you can notes Dad for better care of coffee and earning and feeding our needy children and families.
Dad that is why I was sharing with you that within one year and a half from now we shall not be so much dependant as if we are beggers but many families and communities will be supported ,Mukanga will be also be getting our supportive hand towards his suffering and struggling families/children from our coffee project
Coffee once again Dad, is the second Gold of Uganda
And many people are just amazed of what we started or what we are doing …!!!
That is why Dad, I am so much zealous with this project and struggling for investment in all ways possible ….but let us trust God He will look in us for open doors…!!!!
But time is tight for me Dad in all sides I have large garden to work with in need people to assist but it is in vain because no enough money
- Robert Bitera, Ikanga, Uganda

Thank you my friend for what you are doing, we are happy that people have plated thier crops and we appreciate for the support of fertilisers, however you are aware that our children are staying on God’s mercy in feeding them, as I know you are in financial difficulties because of the purchase of fertilisers but I request your prayers that I am struggling in a hard way to feed them but I failed ,am proposing to closs the term next week but to reach there is not easy, therefore pray for me in feeding them and as you know you have many programs which needs your support but pray for me otherwise things are not good.

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