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New Acquisition: One Pregnant Goat

World Hunger Team had the privilege of sponsoring the annual Church celebration at our 7-acre farm in Namalemba Village, Uganda. Everyone in the area is invited to attend the event and eat a cooked meal with meat, Posho (corn meal mush) and sukuma (spinach.)

Our Ambassador there, Robert Bitera (in the fancy tuxedo shirt) said the event was a huge success. These notes have not been edited:

"Dad for your information we had alot of people majorly needy families orphans, elderly, orphans however it was raining since morning up to now but people were even fighting to get something to eat it was uncontrollable situation i was going through but we made Dad thank you so very much for being there ....!!!"

The conditions in Uganda are SO bad, people consider Robert the unofficial mayor of the village. And that brings complications and a need for quick decisions. This morning I received this message:

"Dad as we were at the celebration, one widow came to me and told me that she is having a child who is in her final year sinior 4 but he was given only this week for exams but if she doesn't pay school fees ,she will be not completing her exams so she told me that she is having one high breed goat which was given to her by a friend but she is selling it 270,000 UGX yet it is already pregnant and it delivers 2 every time and she told me secretly that she don't want to sell it to other business people because their going to kill it yet it is pregnant of 4 months but if we buy it ,it will remain in the right hands."

Needless to say, we bought a goat. True story, happened today, 11/3/2023. Please consider donating today.

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