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Grow Kit Details

Our “Grow Kits” are shrink-wrapped pouches that contain literally everything that people need to grow food.

  1. The growing vessels are polyester felt bags from China. We provide them in 50 gallon, 100 gallon and 200 gallon wash-tub style bags. They are porous so the plant roots don’t rot. And they’ll last 3 years or longer.

  2. The villagers “burn” their dirt to kill bugs, and then put it in the bags and plant the non-GMO seeds we supply.

  3. They feed and water the plants using the all-natural mineral nutrients we supply. They give the plants maximum nutritional value while maintaining their 100% organic certification.

The “Grow Kits” are hand-delivered in the remote jungle villages of Uganda by our two WHT Ambassadors, Robert and Mukanga and their missionary team. They teach the people how to set everything up, how to grow food successfully year round, and how to prepare it.

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