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Tower of Life

A unit that collects, purifies and stores 1,360 gallons of rainwater.

Millions of people around the world are starving due to food shortages. Even more struggle with obtaining potable water to meet their daily needs. We believe that any solution to providing food and potable water in deprived communities must have four non-violable attributes:

1. Simple
2. Systemic
3. Locally Sustainable
4. Economical

About Our Tower of Life

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How it Works

The WHT Tower of Life collects, purifies and stores up to 1,363 gallons of rainwater. It also grows 60 linear feet of crops which are drip irrigated using a built-in solar-powered nutrient distribution system.

It is ideal for use in locations where the water table is either too deep to dig wells, or is not present at all (hills and mountain terrain.) Our solution can provide food & water in any location where rain occurs.

We received a provisional patent on our Tower of Life invention in 2021.  We have filed for the non-provisional patent in 2022. Because our initial target market is rural Africa, we have designed the unit to ship flat as a shrink-wrapped pallet. Drones can be used to deliver the unit to places where roads do not exist. Our unit can be set up easily by unskilled workers. No electricity is needed, as all components are powered by solar panels. The unit can be installed quickly and will start producing food within 30 days of set-up.

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What makes this unit different from other systems on the market is the following:

  • Ships flat on a pallet, so it can be delivered to any location using an industrial drone, no local roads needed

  • Collects, stores and purifies up to 1,360 gallons of rainwater at a time, making it fully potable

  • Grows 70 linear feet of food crops and automatically drip irrigates them using all- natural hydroponic nutrients

  • Can be manufactured anywhere in the world with a conventional 3D printer

  • No access to power grid or water supply needed.

  • Utility patent application is pending, plus 18-month international patent treaty protection

Our Ask

This unit will be manufactured by our sponsor company "Innovative Food Growing Systems," a for-profit company. We are seeking potential entrepreneurial partners, investors, or funders to be an integral part of our team at IFGS. The ideal partner would have a track record in new business start-up, management and growth, as well as a track record of flipping companies to the right A- list manufacturers.

To gain in-depth insights into this impactful initiative and explore how you can contribute, please click the button below to download our comprehensive project sheet.

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