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Indoor Community Garden

An indoor mini-farm installed into existing unused spaces.

This program facilitates the installation of an indoor mini-farm into existing unused spaces. The Indoor Garden is an ideal way to introduce large volumes of organic greens, vegetables, and fruit into urban communities where conventional gardening or farming is not practical. The farm requires little to no technical skill, so anyone can be employed.

About Our Indoor Gardens

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Our Solution

WHT has developed a wide range of indoor growing

solutions. These range from conventional hydroponic growing beds to

smaller tent units. We also offer semi-automated conventional growing systems for outdoor growing.

Our Unique Selling Proposition is that we buy our LED lights and specialized supplies direct from the manufacturer, lowering costs.

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Benefits of Our Solution

Many organizations have paid massive fees to commercial hydroponics companies to build state-of-the-art growing facilities at their location. Some installations have cost up to $1 million, an investment that will be hard to recoup.

WHT takes the "Mother Earth News" approach, in which we build PROVEN systems using local materials and supplies for the structural work. The LED lights and specialized equipment are obtained at wholesale prices directly from China.

The net-net is a high volume / high-output indoor farm that costs FAR less than the "brand name" systems. And the secret? The plants DO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. They love to grow!

Our Ask

We are seeking inquiries from any and all community organizations who wish to begin an indoor farm project. While we do not fund these projects, we can help you apply for existing grants that are in great abundance in 2023. General funding for local installations sponsored by WHT is also requested.

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