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Grow Tent

Self-Contained Growing Units for “Indoor Community Gardens”.

The Grow Tent is a key component in our mission goal “To grow food in places where little to no food is grown now.” We believe the time is right for people across America to begin growing their own food again, for better health as well as better food security.

About Our Grow Tents

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What's Included

Our grow tent is configured to grow greens, small-bush vegetables, herbs and fruits. It features:

  • An ultra-heavy and strong lightweight aluminum frame

  • LED lights with full light band coverage

  • Hydroponic growing trays with self-feeding drip irrigation system

  • All-natural hydroponic nutrients

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Benefits of Grow Tents

We propose to place larger numbers of our hydroponic grow tents at community centers, senior centers, churches and other social organizations. We call this our INDOOR COMMUNITY GARDEN program, and our goal is to establish “mini-farms” that can be staffed by people of all ages, with any disabilities.

The food that is grown can be sold locally at improvised Farmer's Markets, in exchange for WIC credits or cash. The money can provide income for hard-to-employ individuals.

As more organic food is consumed in the community, health indicators will rise. And as community involvement grows, neighborhood spirit and satisfaction will rise as well.

Interested in a Partnership?

Whether you're an individual donor or a corporation looking to align with a meaningful cause, our grow kit project in remote Ugandan jungles offers a unique opportunity to drive lasting change. Your support fuels self-sufficiency, food security, and resilience among families facing adversity.

To gain in-depth insights into this impactful initiative and explore how you can contribute, please click the button below to download our comprehensive project sheet.

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