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Grow Kits

Grow organic food anywhere with Grow Kits.

We supply villagers with plant growing bags, non-GMO food crop seeds plus all-natural mineral nutrients to grow 100% organic food. We teach them how to grow a wide range of crops in any sunny spot.

About Our Grow Kits

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What's Included

Each Grow Kit includes everything needed for local villagers to grow their own organic food, year-round:

  • Growing bags to allow food growing in reduced spaces.

  • Non-GMO seeds for their ancestral crops as well as high-yielding greens and beans.

  • All-natural mineral nutrients (same as found in manure, minus the cow) to grow maximum-nutrition organic greens, vegetables, herbs and even fruits.

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Benefits of Grow Kits

We give the local villagers a CLOSED-LOOP SYSTEM to grow a wide range of crops, anywhere. All necessary components are included in a lightweight heavy-duty shrink wrap bag for easy transport into remote jungle locations.

This is the lowest cost and lowest tech program we offer, using low cost yet long-lasting materials.

Since this program launched in 2022, we have distributed Grow Kits to over 30 villages outside of Mbale, Uganda. An additional 20 villages are being added this year.

Interested in a Partnership?

Whether you're an individual donor or a corporation looking to align with a meaningful cause, our grow kit project in remote Ugandan jungles offers a unique opportunity to drive lasting change. Your support fuels self-sufficiency, food security, and resilience among families facing adversity.

To gain in-depth insights into this impactful initiative and explore how you can contribute, please click the button below to download our comprehensive project sheet.

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