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Food Factory

Employment, Therapy and Fresh Food for people in need.

Does your community have empty or abandoned buildings that are sitting idle? Here is a system to make them productive once more.

About Our Food Factories

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Our Solution

This is a large-scale commercial version of our “indoor community garden” program. It allows people of all ages, of all skill sets and backgrounds, to grow fresh organic food indoors, year-round.

It uses non-circulating hydroponics (Kratky Method) to easily grow greens, vegetables and fruit in large volumes. The system is 100% custom, so it can be set up just about anywhere:

  • Old school building

  • Basement of a church

  • Garage or warehouse

  • Vacant factory or retail building

  • Any indoor space with working HVAC

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The WHT Food Factory system is more than just a room full of hydroponic equipment. We offer complete training and management tools. It's the key to growing large quantities of greens, veggies and fruits. Participating organizations can use the output however they'd like:

  • Food pantry for area residents

  • Meals on wheels

  • Sell the produce for salaries or capital

  • Supply local restaurants and soup kitchens

The other key advantage of this system is that it puts SIGNIFICANT volumes of ALL-NATURAL FRESH ORGANIC FOOD into the local community. As more fresh food is consumed, community health indicators will improve as well.

Interested in a Partnership?

We are seeking to partner with other non-profits, NGOs and community-based organizations.

There are a great many grants available in the category of urban agriculture. Let us put together a custom plan for designing, funding, building and staffing a Food Factory in your area.

Franchise inquiries welcomed.

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