About Us.

World Hunger Team (WHT) is a true 501(c)3 non-profit Christ-centered foundation based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Founded in 2008, we have grown in countless ways from our start.  Our mission statement changed dramatically in 2017, from one of 'trying to do it all' to one focused 100% on growing food, crop selection, and working with people to improve the quality, output and taste of the food we grow. 

All crops are now grown indoors using non-circulating hydroponics and LED lights. Our growing units are manufactured by GoGreen Organics, LLC (GGO) - a FOR-profit manufacturing company also based in Nashville, TN. 


In early 2017, we hired a "guru" in the indoor agriculture space.  We asked him what we were doing wrong, and he basically said, "EVERYTHING."  He proposed that we greatly automate our growing process, and develop a "carousel" growing unit that would allow us to grow 9 TIMES THE CROPS in the same footprint.

We hired that guru to implement his idea, and the design he created is nothing short of revolutionary.

What you are seeing is a chain-driven rotating stand that holds 9 growing  trays.  The LED lights are mounted on the center pole, and are single-color LED strips in 4 different color arrays.  The light bandwidth is distributed using parabolic mirrors - basically "disco balls" - mounted on the perimeter.  It allows us to grow 54 plants in a small 5' x 3' footprint.


We are working exclusively in the United States, primarily to help grow food in places where little to no food is grown now.  This includes food pantries, churches, schools, community centers and more.  With our system, the trays rotate to YOUR work level.  It means that people of any age, mobility or skill level - even people in a wheel chair - can touch every plant in the growing space.  The implications are huge!


WHT needs funds to place our first units at a food bank here in Nashville.  We need $35,000 to complete the purchase of 2 units to be placed in our offices for testing, and 8 units to be placed at the food bank location. Any donations are welcome; people who donate $100 or more will be mailed a paperback copy of our mission statement book - "Feed the World for (almost) Free - Forever"


What did Jesus mean when he commanded us,  “Feed My Sheep?”  

There is an interesting contextual reference in the Modern English Version interpretation of John 21:15-17.  

Jesus says that the first demonstration of love for Him is to “feed my lambs.”  Lambs are baby sheep.

Jesus then says that the second demonstration of love for Him is to “tend my sheep.” As lambs mature, they become sheep. They have different needs and require different care and nurturing.

Jesus then says that the third demonstration of love for Him is to “feed my sheep.” Without food, all creatures die.  

One can question whether Jesus is referring to actual food here, or sustenance of ALL kinds, on ALL levels of our existence. Caring and feeding for creatures from birth to death requires a multitude of skills and services – and they change by the year.

We are ALL capable of ‘feeding others’ by simply becoming the best at what we do, and providing the best possible service to the most people in need of what we do.  Our service goal at World Hunger Team is to literally feed people.  The greenhouse solutions we have chosen to implement in our work let individuals, families and groups of any kind grow food indoors 365 days a year - inexpensively, reliably, and easily - with no major farming or agricultural skills needed.



A key revelation to many people is that hunger is NOT just in third-world countries. It's right here in America. It's in your neighbor's household. It's seen in the faces of children at school.  YOUR local school. And that's why we're now operating on three levels: 1) In Schools. We use an inexpensive table-top unit to grow food in school classrooms.  2) In Homes. The unit we offer for home use is about the size of a small closet, and can easily grow enough vegetables to feed a family of five.  3) At Institutions.  The large "carousel"  growing unit we have selected fits easily into shipping containers of 10', 20' or 40' in size - OR in any conventional office or warehouse location. It can even be placed in an unused room or a basement!  It lets groups of any kind grow food indoors on a large scale, 365 days a year - inexpensively, reliably, and easily - with no major farming or agricultural skills needed..

All of our food-growing systems use a process known as Non-Circulating Hydroponics to grow food, because it is:
a. EXTREMELY EASY TO OPERATE so no technical skills or significant training is needed.
b. HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE to output the maximum possible food yield per square foot.
c. LOW-MAINTENANCE so people of all ages - especially seniors - can operate the facility easily.
d. NATURAL AND SAFE so the food we produce is wholesome, non-GMO, healthy and nourishing

We also use all-natural mineral nutrients in our system, LED lights to provide 100% of the light recipe, and we exclusively grow heirloom and hybrid seeds to maximize diversity and nutrition values of the food.

By keeping our systems as NON-technical as possible,
we enable everyday people to learn them quickly.
So they can focus on growing food in large quantities,
in the shortest possible amount of time.

We won't dazzle the tech community.
But we WILL feed a lot of people who
currently need better, healthier sources of nutrition.


Did you ever wonder how a tiny seed knows how to grow into a plant full of rich, green, fragrant basil leaves?  Do you have to tell them what to do?  No.  GOD tells them what to do, and they DO it.  And God does it for hundreds of thousands of different plant varieties, each and every day.  All the seeds are waiting for is a little tender loving care.  And that is exactly what the greenhouse units we place can provide.  They let the people who operate them do what they do best: live their lives.



So many people are intimidated by growing crops.  They believe it will take an inordinate amount of time out of their day - out of their schedule - out of their LIFE.  So they don't even try.  Our mission at WHT is to teach people HOW to grow food - quickly, easily, economically - with almost NO INTERFERENCE in their daily schedule. If you could grow fresh, organic food right now, without a lot of cash expenditure, without a lot of effort needed, would you do it?  That's the whole reason we exist: to empower ordinary people to facilitate God's plan to provide extraordinary nutrition to every living person on the planet.

When you really think about it, why is there a food shortage on this planet?  Growing food just requires a few things:
1. Dirt. The planet is made of it.  No shortage there.
2. Sun. It rises every morning, and sets every evening.
3. Water. It falls from the sky.  We call it rain.
4. Fertilizer. Every living mammal creates it.
5. Seeds.  They're everywhere. An ordinary tomato has a few hundred. No shortage!

So what's the problem with growing food? Simply put, it's the environment. Much of the time, it's either too hot or too cold; too dry or too wet; too sunny or too dark.  So that's why we standardized everything.  By using LED lights that put out consistent, even light, we give the plants exactly what they need. By using all-natural mineral nutrients, we give the plants the food they need. And by keeping the plants indoors in a temperature-controlled environment, we make them comfortable.  And guess what?  The plants respond in kind by producing AMAZING amounts of food!


Due to the nature of our growing system technology, our indoor structures are focused on fast-growing, high-nutrition plants including lettuce, kale, collard greens, Swiss chard, watercress, spinach and other leafy vegetables, as well as small bush tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. We also grow herbs such as basil, cilantro, chives, dill and many others very effectively indoors.  Climbing, large-scale plants such as cucumbers, squash, zucchini and others are best grown outdoors using our self-watering drum & compost system. We are even experimenting with growing mushrooms underneath our shipping containers in manufactured 'basements.'

Our goal in everything we do is to grow the most nutritious food, in the greatest possible volume per square foot, on a reliable basis, year-round.

Having easy and local access to fresh vegetables shouldn't be a luxury enjoyed by the wealthy. Fresh food is a right, but it must be earned by those willing to invest a bare minimum of time and effort to grow it. We are simply 'lowering the bar' on what it takes to grow that food.


How can you help?  You can support us financially in our efforts. Any and all donations to World Hunger Team are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. We welcome your input - your donations - and your prayers. All funds will go toward the purchase and placement of growing units at food banks, non-profits, churches, schools, community centers, etc. 


Funds will also go toward the development of training videos and instructional literature that will teach people the art of growing food using our units.  Our goal is that people of any age, with any mobility, with any skill sets or learning disabilities, can learn how to grow large volumes of food successfully, year-round.

If you are interested in investing in the future of indoor agriculture, GoGreen Organics is seeking first-round investors.  GGO is a FOR-profit manufacturing company with three growing units for different commercial markets:

- Table-Top Unit for K-12 classrooms
- Home Unit to grow greens and herbs in a very compact footprint
- Commercial Carousel Growing Unit for larger-volume food growing